Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Training Management

UAS Training Management

Optimize UAS Training Processes, Ensure Mission Success

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As Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) become ever more critical to the success of both frontline missions and a growing number of essential civil applications, UAS training centers are pressured to meet rising throughput targets for highly trained and qualified UAS operators. With soaring numbers of UAS operational missions, frontline units often lack accurate, real time information on operator qualifications and competencies, and the tools they need to handle complex scheduling and resource management challenges.

Recognizing these challenges, The Fox UAS solution offers training centers, UAS flying schools, and system integrators the tools they need to plan and deliver successful training operations based on defined throughput requirements. The Fox system employs sophisticated simulated scenarios and advanced analytical capabilities to optimize planning processes. Fox also enhances UAS training processes and ensures continual operational mission success through safe and efficient execution of UAS operations, increased UAS training throughput, improved UAS operator proficiency, and the ability to plan effectively.

Readiness Management

Be Ready

The Fox solution for UAS training and operational management provides an advanced set of integrated tools for effective operator currency management. The solution tracks key preparedness and qualification data, manages recurrent and recertification programs, and maintains all appropriate records for control purposes. It alerts of currency gaps and upcoming lapses for instructors and trainees, including medical screening dates, avoiding certification delinquencies and ensuring that only certified and updated crews are allocated for missions.

Its recordkeeping and personal file management tool maintains for perpetuity personal flight data including mission information and assessment results. Through providing leadership with a clear, integrated situational view of mission-oriented readiness at all times through personalized dashboard views and reports presented in color graphs and charts, Fox ensures ongoing operational preparedness for UAS operations.  

Performance Mgmt.

Enhance Performance and Proficiency

Fox provides a comprehensive performance and proficiency assessment solution designed to measure skills and core competencies, evaluate execution and drive performance improvements. It analyzes and assesses performance data gathered on core competencies to support key decision making processes, such as progress review boards. Fox supports training mission preparation through integrated personalized instructor and trainee mission preparation tool, including ISD, master course plan, course content, assessment, and materials development tools.

The system is equipped with automated briefing and debriefing tools, which promote continual operational personnel performance improvement. Field exercises, accidents, near accidents and other activities can be methodically reviewed and disseminated for learning purposes. The briefing suite automatically generates the necessary procedures, lessons learned and other relevant information needed for mission success. These tools automatically generate data gathered on performance and key safety issues for future analysis and application.  In addition, commanders and management receive alerts when operations and individuals fail to meet mandatory achievements.

Scheduling Management

Increasing UAS Throughput

Recognizing the complexity of running a smooth UAS operation, Fox simplifies cumbersome and complex scheduling processes for operators, technicians, GCSs, UAVs, and other resource allocation needs. To achieve maximum safety and operational success, Fox automatically schedules and allocates all resources (human and physical) according to throughput requirements and adhering to constraints such as predefined rules, regulations and mission characteristics. Fox also manages and optimizes the scheduling of unplanned interruptions due to unexpected interferences such as weather and air space availablities.

Highly adaptable to demanding environments, Fox is geared to meet and solve the most challenging and complex types of scheduling scenarios such as unexpected weather change or unexpected aircraft maintenance. Its advanced forecasting and analytical capabilities provide UAS operations with multiple "what if" scenarios to support bottleneck forecasting, conflict prevention and optimized workload balancing.  Our forecasting tools also cover budget and resource planning to maximize assets and spend wisely within fiscal limitations.

Training command and leadership have full control over their training program with data presented in dashboard views and analytical reports showing resources and scheduling, training execution actual versus plan, and personal and group achievement data.