Achieving Maximum Training Program Control and Oversight

Training Program Management

Achieving Maximum Training Program Control & Oversight

Fox enables total manager and instructor training program oversight and control. Managers have portal views that show relevant individual and group progress, enabling complete program and achievement monitoring. Fox is highly adaptable and configurable, easily adjusting to each organization’s look and feel while it maintains a user-friendly interface. Organizations have control over all aspects of the system, and no development skills are needed to configure functions to meet organizational requirements.


The Fox Training Management System: Training Program Control & Oversight



Features of the Training Program Management module include the ability to

  • Monitor training progress to ensure that training is advancing at the required rate and level of proficiency. Graphs and easy-to-read indicators show training progress and any deviation from the schedule or required standard.
  • Manage graduations by defining the graduation criteria and cycle for approval once all the training tasks have been successfully completed. Fox also allows you to print a customized certificate at the end of the graduation approval process.
  • Oversee trainee records by saving and storing all personal achievement data in the trainees’ personal records. Each trainee’s personal records are maintained for the long-term, so that any data Fox captures at any time accumulates and are kept for years down the road.
  • Control training program schedules including all administrative and complimentary events such as lunch breaks, inspections and holidays. When starting a new training program, Fox will automatically convert the schedule template into a live schedule. The system adapts the schedule to specific work hours while events are easily shifted and rescheduled as needed.
  • Supervise evaluations using advanced tools that allow managers to customize evaluation forms and capture performance evaluation data. Using the system’s web interface and with no development skills required, users can customize various types of fields such as radio buttons, check boxes, pull down menus, text and numeric fields, and grading scales.


The Fox Training Program Management module enables optimal training program control. Fox achieves the following training program management benefits for our customers:

  • One stop training management for all training program oversight, cancelling the need for multiple systems to manage various aspect of training.
  • Better managed courses through the ability to acccess all courses in one place, which contains a comprehensive picture of all activities and trainee records
  • High configurability to easily align with an organization’s specific training processes and requirements. Without needing any development, customers on their own can modify system lists, fields, menus, layout and more.
  • Easy accessibility as a web-based system connected to the network by browser and accessed from any computer. Fox does not require installation of any client side software.