Test Generator for Accurate and Reliable Examinations

Test Generator

Flexible & Easy Knowledge Exam & Scoring Development

 With Fox's robust test-authoring function, users can build knowledge exams using numerous test configuration options via user-friendly templates. Fox enables users to define remedial learning and retesting pathways, link testing to required skills and activities, and analyze measurements. It facilitates knowledge assessment and grading customized for compliance with regulatory requirements using both multiple methodology scales and descriptive textual remarks.


The Fox Training Management System: Knowledge Testing Assessment



Features of the Test Generator module include the ability to:

  • Use varying questioning styles including multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers, sequence, fill-in, hot spot, matching, essays and more. Users can also integrate pictures and movies.
  • Define grading and sequence so that each test is configured to match specific grading method and question scoring requirements.
  • Support various delivery methods such as password control, randomization, time limit, and feedback in configuring each test according to its purpose and testing environment. Tests can be taken together with a group in a classroom, alone but at a defined time or alone at leisure as well as reconfigured and optimized for each occasion.
  • Retest by defining failure and retest criteria. The system allows you to assign a different test for the second try and define grading logic (best of the two, average, last grade given).
  • Recover tests in process during a power or network failure. User tests will be recovered to include their personalized list of questions (if randomized), all answers submitted until the time of failure, and the remaining time left (if test is time-limited).
  • Create remedial plans and special tracking for candidates who do not pass an evaluation. The system identifies activities with low individual and group results, enabling managers to make modifications for improvement.


The Fox Test Generator module facilitates effortless development of accurate and reliable examinations and assessments.  Specific benefits of this module include:

  • Quick and easy test development using Fox’s web based test generator. This tool allows content developers to rapidly create new tests from anywhere within the network and without previous development skills.
  • Reusability of questions and tests for more efficient and reliable test creation and maintenance.
  • Flexibility to easily configure tests and quizzes for every type of testing event using a variety of testing settings (such as password controlled, randomization, time limit, feedback, grading and sequence).
  • Continuous improvement through comprehensive analysis of test data and results to identify trends, weaknesses, and faulty questions. Fox presents this information so organizations can take steps to improve test delivery, learning and training processes.