Managing Tasks for Seamless Workflow

Task Management

Automating & Standardizing Tasks for Seamless Workflow 

Fox improves the workflow preparation processes associated with launching and refining training events by automating and standardizing task management. The Task Management module systemizes project management by allowing managers to define tasks, associate them with training events, assign them to be executed, and manage their completion. Managers are able to monitor assigned task progress and learn about impending due dates through notification alerts.


The Fox Training Management System: Task Management Automating & Standardizing Tasks for Seamless Workflow



Features of the configurable Task Management module include the ability to:

  • Create fixed tasks or templates to be associated with certain ongoing training programs/courses. These fixed tasks, associated with every role in the course, will contain a completion time span that adjusts relative to the course opening date. Tasks can be any type of action needed in support of a new course, such as print manuals, ship DVDs, finalize schedule, assign resources, print passes, and order meals.
  • Package tasks for each training event to define the collection of activities associated with each training event. Packaged tasks are individual templates grouped for specific events that can be reused and adjusted for new events.
  • Insert ad-hoc tasks of any type, including those to address special requests or to improve previously delivered training, such as to validate training information or content that has been found faulty or outdated.
  • Designate owners and assignees for each task, detailing who holds the overall responsibility and who needs to execute the task.
  • Track progress and completion status as each task is handled. The assigned individual will update the status of the task as it progresses until achievement. Managers can follow this progress and will receive notifications as tasks near their due dates.
  • Adjust task dates to specific dates such as course openings. Changes in that date will automatically adjust the task due date, assuring all tasks are complete on time.


The Fox Task Management module enables a seamless workflow process by allowing users to define tasks, assign owners and executors, document activity steps, and monitor progress. Using this module, Fox enables the following benefits:

  • Improved preparation processes by automating and standardizing the workflow associated with managing tasks. This ensures a flawless launch and highly-organized ongoing course management.
  • Careful progress monitoring as tasks progress and are completed. Tasks nearing their due date will trigger notifications, assuring they are not overlooked.
  • Support of any type of task that needs to be delivered on schedule, whether directly or indirectly related to any type of training, service or product.