Simplifying Complex Scheduling Tasks

Scheduling Management

Simplifying & Automating Complex Scheduling Tasks

The Fox Scheduling Management module ensures that training programs and missions are executed with ease and maximum efficiency. With the click of a button, Fox synchronizes physical equipment and teaching space with human instructor availability. With cumbersome manual scheduling efforts out of the way, this module allows managers to focus on the big picture of training management control and decision making.


Fox Training Management System Screenshot: Scheduling Management



Features of the Scheduling Management module include the ability to:

  • Adeptly manage scheduling of any type of training including courses, training exercises, integrated training and refresher training. Fox allows the setup of working days and hours, recurring events and other constraints.
  • Apply master schedules (templates) to expedite schedule creation, define event priorities and other settings and submit for approval before publishing.
  • Utilize automated scheduling with the system’s smart tools. These tools automatically take in to consideration working hour constraints and by doing so, split events across breaks and at the end of a day as needed.
  • Oversee integrated personnel rosters using the system’s integrated schedule view and self-registration capability features. These features enable organizations to manage and integrate the scheduling of personnel training along with their operational activities.
  • Manage complex simulation events outside the norm of classic training, where several departments and participant are involved, typically located at various distributed locations.
  • Easily reschedule training events as a result of unexpected or unplanned events. Fox’s smart and automated features ease the process of applying these changes, saving valuable time and frustration.
  • Integration with MS Exchange and other enterprise system schedule sources. Fox can be easily integrated with an organization’s enterprise system used for scheduling (such as MS Exchange). In doing so, by considering the constraints typically set in an enterprise system as well as resource maintenance schedules, we avoid conflicts and optimize schedules.


The Fox Scheduling module enables training programs and missions to be executed with ease and maximum efficiency. Specific scheduling and allocation benefits achieved from Fox include:

  • Expedited scheduling and rescheduling, through automated and intuitive smart tools that saves organizations considerable time and expense.
  • Unlimited scheduling of any type of schedule for any purpose. The system’s flexibility enables the coordination of cross-organizational activities, even if distributed across the globe.
  • Schedule consolidation that avoids the need to manage distributed schedules using various systems. This simplifies organizational processes and prevents errors.
  • Scheduling process monitoring that avoids resource conflicts and idle time by providing managers with intuitive tools to monitor schedule development, approval processes, and training rollouts.