Improving Total Resource Utilization

Resource Management

Maximizing Training Resource Utilization for
Greater Efficiency & Throughput

Fox’s advanced Resource Management module optimizes total resource utilization. Fox ensures that the most appropriate resources are selected for each training event. The system handles all types of resources¾from training devices to aircraft to instructors¾with the goal of allocating and using resources to improve efficiency and maximize throughput. Resources are apportioned for only the specific hours of need, so they can be freed for additional use. Fox provides training managers with global resource utilization oversight and monitoring capabilities.


Fox Training Management System Screenshot: how resource management optimizes total resource utilization



Features of the Resource Management module include the ability to:

  • Manage any type of physical resources directly from the system's web interface. Users define resource configuration with a set of customized properties using the system's advanced metadata capability. Matching the resource configuration with a curriculum's resource requirements, the system ensures that the most appropriate resources are allocated to the training event.
  • Manage all staff personnel supporting the various training activities, using metadata properties to specify the certification and qualification statuses of instructors, evaluators and other staff members. Comparing the staff qualification requirements with the actual qualification status and expiration date, the system ensures that only qualified personnel are allocated to the training event.
  • Allocate all resources, whether human or physical, using the system's comprehensive resource allocation features. These features ensure that the most suitable resource is selected based on its status and relevance. They also provide the resource manager with the ability to analyze the resource's workload in order to strategically distribute it among the various resources evenly or intentionally unevenly due to some constraints.
  • Synchronize physical resource training schedules using the system's web services and API managed by Fox, with a corresponding maintenance schedule managed by a MRO or maintenance system. In a similar manner, Fox synchronizes human resource schedules with their respective Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • Allocate resources to portions of events, such as pre-, post and partial allocations based on actual requirement (vs. the entire duration of the event). Fox also allows users to secure resources for periods starting before and after the actual training event in order to allow enough time to prepare/configure or maintain the resource.
  • Allocate backup resources as required. Fox ensures that training events are always delivered on time. For each resource allocated, backup human and physical resources are designated to be on-call for the training event in case of issues with the primary resource.


The Fox Resource Management module maximizes the use of your precious training resources. Using this module, Fox offers the following benefits:

  • Improved resource utilization, selection and allocation through Fox's advanced resource management and allocation features. Fox enables selection of no more or less than the ideal resource, minimizing idle time since resources are only apportioned for the necessary hours.
  • Optimal resource management through the implementation of the ideal management and permissions scheme to match the organization's structure, culture, and work share. Management can be decentralized or centralized; resources can be located in one or multiple repositories.
  • Global control of facilities and resources, easily managed through the system's web interface. All resources may be managed by one user from any location.
  • Inner synergy by linking resource management with qualification/certification management. Staff certification expiration dates and statuses are automatically updated; this ensures that only qualified personnel are allocated.