Transforming Training Requests into Executable Training

Request Management

Transforming Training Requests into Executable Training

Fox simplifies training request planning through flexible user-defined data intake for easy input of training and resource requests. Portal views give a complete picture of the training needs against all available resources in order to plan and schedule training. Trainees register directly through Fox, which provides managers with information on resource allocation, student registration, necessary prerequisites, and instructor certification status for each event.


Fox Training Management System Screenshot: Training Requests transform into Executable Training



Features of the configurable Request Management module include the ability to:

  • Manage training requests of all types including both internal and external (paying) customers. Authorized users submit requests using a form that records the type of training required, scope of trainees, preferred location and other vital details.
  • Offer a training product catalog that is accessible to internal and external users and is based on the various offerings grown out of training requests. Fox can also collect requests and offer within the catalog training and services managed outside of Fox, such as courses provided by a third-party and courseware or content to be shipped to a customer.
  • Configure and customize training request forms to match organizational needs. In addition to the standard information collected, users can add fields to address the information they need to collect and even create new forms to match requests and other organizational needs.
  • Manage workflow for each request including manager approvals, resource availabilities, and customer payment settlement. This feature is used by all roles within an organization and the customer’s organization involved in training requests, including sales personnel, internal and external customers, planners, and facility managers.
  • New Feature: Sell course seats (as opposed to entire courses). The system identifies and publishes empty seat slots while simultaneously collecting requests for future training. 


The Fox Request Management module initiates the process of transforming requests into training events. Using this module, Fox offers the following benefits:

  • Expedited business processes through a standardized and automated request management process that reduces time and improves efficiency.
  • Lifecycle monitoring starting from the time a request is initiated, during its progression to become a training event, and through its entire cycle. By doing so managers can identify any issues, holdbacks, and steps in the process that need to be improved.
  • Training throughput analysis and improved sales forecasting utilizing the data collected through the Training Request Management module. By requesting internal and external customers to submit their tentative requests for an upcoming period/year, organizations can forecast sales, predict resource requirements and improve strategic planning.
  • Increased sales and improved planning by identifying empty seat slots while simultaneously collecting requests for future training. Fox not only boosts training center sales by selling otherwise empty training seats, it enhances a training manager's ability to plan ahead.