Data Maintenance for Archiving and Regulatory Compliance


Maintaining Data Records & Personal Files
for Archives & Regulatory Compliance

Fox’s Recordkeeping and Personal File module stores and manages logistical training, qualifications, and personal data for recordkeeping and compliance with regulatory authorities. It maintains all versions of training activities and personal records that are tracked through the system and archives them for posterity. Managers can generate and transfer the stored data to conform to regulatory reporting requirements, in any format. And, as Fox manages training, performance and qualifications, it amasses legally defensible records of individual and team training and compliance data. It works with your recordkeeping function to deliver and validate data on the hours of categorized training services received and trainee performance records. Fox eases the process of closing out the course by delivering the data needed to finalize invoices and issue trainee certification.


Fox Training Management System Screenshot: Recordkeeping & Personal File



Features of the Recordkeeping & Personal File module include the ability to perform the following functions:

  • Record, consolidate and archive personal achievement data for all individuals. Fox allows authorized users to review current achievement data including tests and other grading information, and access historical records such as the courses completed.
  • Manage and monitor all personal qualification-related information including status, history and upcoming expiration dates.
  • Review current and archived performance evaluation data captured during training. This information helps detect individual performance trends, weaknesses and strengths in order to advance proficient trainees or determine training gaps and remedial learning plans.
  • Maintain data for automatic personal schedule generation based upon role-based prescribed operational, qualification, training, and other personal activities.


The Fox Recordkeeping & Personal File module manages and archives personal training information. Specific benefits of this module include:

  • Ability to meet all recordkeeping regulatory requirements with achievement data classified with the date of issuance and associated with the training curriculum used to deliver training.
  • Data consolidation to one single location. All training activity data, logistical and individual, are managed by Fox and accessible by permission, delivering an easy way to manage and review data from one single location.
  • Easy exportability of record data enabling printing, documentation and transfer to other operational systems such HR systems.
  • Customizable personal record layouts, providing managers with predefined analytic views to easily identify individual trainee progress, weaknesses, strengths, trends, achievements and other statistics.