Dynamic Reports for Training Analysis & Compliance

The combination of Fox's customizable dashboards and Microsoft's Report Builder creates a powerful tool for enhancing training performance, compliance with governing oversight entities, and analysis of training data to improve operations. Fox users benefit from both built-in and customized reports, graphs and dashboards as needed. These reports, generated from Fox's dashboards, make it possible to closely track all aspects of an organization's training operations in order to make real-time training improvements. The detailed program analysis help identify training weaknesses. These reports can reveal the overall training health of the organization with information such as student and instructor performance trends; individual student and instructor results; asset utilization and capacity, schedules, compliance and qualification status; and much more.


Reporting 1



Fox's reporting tool offers the ability to:

  • Create and print reports of training and scheduling records from Fox's recordkeeping module and directly from the calendar schedules. All reports can be created with filters to sort the information and divide it into further portions for analysis.
  • Meet all reporting requirements including regulatory, corporate and any other type of qualification, certification and audit using the data within Fox. The built-in and customized report outputs are flexible and robust.
  • Export various types of graphs, matrices and table reports to Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and other standard/common formats.
  • Automatically disseminate report updates via email and user dashboard notifications. Detailed reports containing various information regarding performance, resources and others, can be delivered via email as well as seen on role-specific dashboards.
  • Execute standard reporting based on Microsoft standard technologies, making report creation and BI processes familiar and easy to implement when using Fox's SQL based data warehouse and report builder.
  • Reuse customizable reports to easily address any ongoing or ad-hoc reporting needs. Reports and dashboard components can be modified as needed to make more customized variations.


Fox's reporting tool generates reports that can provide a thorough understanding of the challenges and achievements of your training operations. It also enables the generation of reports for compliance with governing bodies. Specific benefits of this tool include:

  • Reports that provide real-time situational awareness to support ongoing commander and manager decision-making. Management can stay informed and in control with the most recent training information that is never further away than their computer or handheld device.
  • Better evaluation of operational training activities as well as performance and assessment results for individuals, teams and units.
  • Dynamic analysis of trends for forecasting in order to mitigate problems, and leverage success from a macro to a micro perspective.
  • Reports that comply with regulatory requirements, affirming that personnel have acquired the requisite skills and accreditations to be permitted to perform their functional duties
  • Use of a true Business Intelligence (BI) tool that retrieves, analyzes, and transforms data into meaningful and useful information to improve and optimize decisions and performance.