Staying on the Job with Qualification & Currency Management

Qualification Lifecycle Management

Staying on the Job with Qualification & Currency Management

As an advanced qualification management tool, Fox helps qualify and maintain staff currency by managing the complete lifecycle of qualification training. Fox’s flexible and robust qualification management solution consists of state-of-the-art tools that support innovative training methods and technology. These state-of-the-art management capabilities ensure that both instructors and trainees acquire and maintain the requisite skills and certifications in order to perform their duties.


Fox Training Management System Screenshot: Qualification & Currency Management



Features of the Qualification & Currency Management module include the ability to:

  • Set up all qualification standards and criteria for qualifying an individual for the first time, and the standards and criteria associated with renewing a qualification. This may include both training and non-training criteria such as medical checkups and security clearance.
  • Determine the approval process that must be followed once all qualification criteria are met including the issuing of certifications.
  • Set operational standards regarding the number of individuals within the organization or unit which need to be qualified. Managers and commanders ensure readiness through the ability to monitor the current and forecasted qualified personnel numbers.
  • Manage expiration notifications by setting expiration and renewal criteria to alert of impending qualification expirations in order to maintain currency.
  • Integrate with resource management to assure only qualified personnel are assigned to activities (based on activity resource requirements) taking into account qualification status and expiration dates.


The Fox Qualification & Currency Management module enables personnel to obtain the requisite skills and accreditations to be permitted to perform their functional duties. Specific benefits of this module include:

  • Management of all types of qualification through the system’s flexible qualification setting, which easily manages qualifications even when having to meet differing internal or regulatory requirements.
  • Qualification currency maintenance using the system’s notification and automated features, which assure that personnel stay continuously qualified.
  • Change and transition migration and management in cases when qualifications are redefined, Fox enables organizations to easily associated between the old and the new qualification allowing an easy transition.
  • Synergy between functions, which eliminates the need to separately input and manage qualification data when scheduling personnel in activities.