Driving Improvement through Performance Measurement

Offline Grading

Capturing Performance Data from Anywhere

Fox's iPad/tablet application for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, supports real-time mobile offline electronic grading and evaluation form administration. This application enables offline use of Fox's unique and fully customizable user-generated evaluation tools and forms that support individual and group-based training analysis. It automatically captures and evaluates assessments of indoor and outdoor training, simulations and any other graded performance. System-authorized trainers/instructors are able to download content packages, use the application offline when no internet connection is available, and then afterward sync the results online. The data captured can be used to define trainee skill and knowledge levels, analyzed review performance gaps for improving future training, and archived to satisfy recordkeeping requirements.


Mobile grading 1



Fox's mobile offline grading capability allows users to efficiently capture and evaluate training, simulations and any other graded performance conducted in locations outside the reach of an internet connection. Features of this application include the ability to:

  • Download the robust evaluation package application for offline use. The package contains customized exams and evaluation forms with event and student details enabling offline capture of individual and group training data.
  • Flexibly assess individuals or teams using an offline mobile device, by entering performance data to complete an evaluation form that will synch back to the database when online again.
  • Synchronize captured performance results back to the system after offline training is completed (when the device is reconnected).
  • Define the timeframe for data synchronization both in the past and future (for schedules that contain upcoming events).
  • Review evaluations of past events to compare previously capture data with the current results.


The Fox's mobile offline grading capability helps drives organizational improvement by capturing evaluation performance data while in locations with no internet access. Specific benefits of this module include:

  • Ability to capture performance data from anywhere regardless of internet connection.
  • Flexibly download evaluation packages that include scheduling and grading forms and data for long and short-term offline activity.
  • Maintain your organization's standardized evaluation process through being able to uniformly capture performance data offline and link it back to the organization's online grading records.
  • Personalize a list of events for offline use based upon a user's schedule.