A Complete LMS for Courseware Development, Delivery and Management

Learning Management System

A Complete LMS for Courseware Development,
Delivery & Management

Fox includes a complete Learning Management System (LMS) for courseware development, delivery, and management. Fox’s web-based LMS seamlessly supports integrative learning so that organizations can best deliver programs that meet student learning objectives. It enables organizations to automatically prescribe, deliver and track a set of learning activities based on trainee qualification status, role, and numerous other attributes. The Fox LMS uses a variety of instructional methods including classroom teaching, platform instruction, hands-on training and elearning. It enables courseware development that is SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant, using standardized learning objects and training materials that are easily merged and highly modular. Fox is also designed to the development, delivery and evaluation standards of the AICC.


Fox Training Management System Screenshot: A Complete LMS for Courseware Development, Delivery & Management



Features of the Fox LMS include the ability to:

  • Deliver courseware either by using the system’s integrated Rapid Courseware Generator or by importing premade standard AICC or SCORM courseware. Organizations can easily manage the courseware delivery process including tracking user progression and completion status.
  • Quickly create courseware through our Rapid Courseware Generator that allows users to compile their own courseware. This tool allows users to define the sequence between the various elements and objects, and integrate stimulus questions.
  • Collaborate and message with various distance-learning collaboration tools enabling users to work in teams and share thoughts.
  • Manage content using the system’s extensive use-defined metadata support. Organizations can easily upload, tag, categorize and retrieve content managed by Fox. They may also upload and manage all their training and operational documentation in any standard format.
  • Enable trainee self-management through an intuitive and personalized trainee portal that gives users the ability to easily access all training materials and online tasks as they review their own progress.


The Fox web-based LMS enables organizations to meet training objectives by helping to rapidly assemble instructional content, deliver learning activities, and track the progress of individuals or groups. Specific benefits of this module include:

  • Learning achievement, through producing and delivering relevant interactive e-learning content using advanced learning and assessment methodologies 
  • Ability to rapidly build, deliver and reuse learning content, regardless of the authoring tool, to meet training objectives
  • Material building features for items such as lesson plans, handouts, evaluations and feedback forms, which can be tied with each training activity
  • Features for easy subject-matter expert contributions of valuable content, such as best practices and lessons learned, using a simple web-based interface
  • Flexible and secure LMS deployment within your own organization's network, on servers outside the internal network, or with us at Britannica Knowledge Systems. In all cases you will enjoy a reliable and secure LMS.
  • Standardized learning processes and content through full SCORM support including learning objects and training materials that are easily merged and highly modular as well as tight integration with best-of-breed third-party authoring tools.
  • Easy migration using the system’s advanced import capabilities that enable trouble-free transfer of existing content, courseware, and even achievement data to their new location within the Fox LMS.
  • Quick implementation as the Fox LMS can be deployed and implemented in a very short time relative to competitors. The system’s intuitive interface and online help feature maximizes the organization’s ability to independently operate it.
  • Ability to capitalize on a holistic solution by implementing additional Fox subsystems to enjoy a single system that will cover all qualification, training and learning management needs.