Driving Improvement through Performance Measurement

Grading & Evaluation

Driving Improvement through Performance Measurement

Fox’s comprehensive Grading & Evaluation module drives improvement by measuring performance. Fox delivers unique and fully customizable user-generated evaluation tools that support individual and group-based training analysis. The system tracks and maintains individual performance achievement data, transforming it into valuable training progress information. The system, which works on tablets and mobile devices, effectively captures and evaluates indoor and outdoor training, simulations and performance executions. The information gathered is used to define the skill level of the trainee, analyzed to review performance gaps for improving future training and readiness, and it is archived to satisfy recordkeeping requirements. The solution provides a set of briefing and debriefing tools to ensure ongoing preparedness for training and operational events that include mission readiness preparation capabilities, the automated retrieval of mission-related content, and documented performance procedures and best practices.


The Fox Training Management System:Performance Evaluation Management



Features of the Grading & Evaluation module include the ability to:

  • Customize forms with the system’s user friendly web interface form generator that allows users to easily create various types of fields such as radio buttons, check boxes, pull down menus, text and numeric fields, and grading scales.
  • Flexibly score and grade trainees implementing various grading methods as well as score and weight scales options. Scoring can be manual or automated based on predefined values set to specific fields used in the form.
  • Implement templates and presets to save time when creating and completing evaluation forms. Templates and presets allow evaluators to prepare forms in advance for completion. This includes relevant components and possibly some preliminary data such as exercise conditions that may be known in advance.
  • Configure on-the-fly because training does not always progress as planned and sometime cannot be fully planned at all. Evaluators can add and repeat evaluation components that capture performance associated with certain maneuvers or procedures.
  • Allocate self-appraisal and peer-to-peer forms fields for trainees to complete and to compare trainee self and peer impressions against evaluator assessments.
  • Implement team evaluation on two or more people at a time such as a captain and first officer.


The Fox Grading & Evaluation module drives organizational improvement by measuring competencies and evaluating performance. Specific benefits of this module include:

  • Ease of form creation using a web-based drag and drop personalized form generator. It can be launched from anywhere in the network and does not require development skills.
  • Performance improvement through the ability to analyze system-identified performance results including gaps, weaknesses, and training error trends.
  • Fulfillment of regulatory requirements through the ability to structure the form to include the appropriate fields, collecting regulatory-required data in the proper format.
  • A standardized evaluation process across the organization through aligning the collection, reporting, and analysis of performance data.