Training Device Oversight

Training Device Oversight

Systematic & Efficient Device Maintenance Management

Fox ensures that training device maintenance is managed, scheduled and executed with the utmost efficiency. Fox allows users to improve the servicing process of simulators and any other assets, whether unplanned, preventative or recurring. By synchronizing physical equipment maintenance time with training time, Fox ensures that each particular resource is kept in good condition and maximized for cost-effectiveness. Fox also improves the workflow preparation processes associated with equipment upkeep by automating and standardizing maintenance task management. Tasks to be executed for maintenance purposes can be assigned to specific personnel through Fox's task management capabilities. Maintenance resource management dashboards oversee maintenance status, providing service date ranges and hours, operation updates, and device details.

Any maintenance events can be created inside Fox's device calendars and schedules, or the MRO system maintenance schedules can be synced with Fox. Planning can be developed from overseeing resource utilizations and observing percentages of maintenance hours performed in specific time ranges. Maintenance-related reports can also be customized as needed using the built-in report builder. Fox's built-in content repositories and attachment features can be used for managing and associating technical documentation with the respective resources.


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Fox's maintenance management features include the ability to:

  • Integrate and streamline maintenance and training to standardize processes to help avoid errors and conflicts. Fox integrates with maintenance management (MRO) systems providing maintenance operation data, calendar, and availability status synchronization for a complete training management solution.
  • Adeptly manage the maintenance scheduling of any physical equipment or training device, categorized by type, whether the maintenance is unplanned, preventative, or recurring. Fox allows the setup of working days and hours, recurrent events and other constraints. This includes managing complex global maintenance schedules where several departments and participant are involved, located at multiple worldwide locations. Users can also easily reschedule maintenance events as a result of unexpected or unplanned events. Fox's smart and automated features ease the process of applying these changes, saving time and effort.
  • Integrate with enterprise system schedules. Fox can be easily integrated with a dedicated system for maintenance management that has a scheduling function for scheduling maintenance. In doing so, users avoid conflicts and optimize schedules through considering the constraints typically set in an enterprise system as well as resource maintenance schedules.
  • Manage maintenance technical documentation and files using the system's extensive use-defined repository library. Maintenance departments can easily manage all their training and operational documentation in any standard format. Technicians with the required permissions can access this library from anywhere in the network to upload, tag, categorize and retrieve content such as manuals, procedures and learning collateral (including video) for sharing and global use. Notifications and alerts can be sent to users when documents are updated documents.
  • Display or send notifications and alerts of maintenance scheduling changes to those affected by maintenance events, such as a simulator becoming unavailable due to unplanned maintenance, which impacts scheduled training.
  • Systemize maintenance management by allowing managers to define tasks (such as simulator maintenance or part replacement), associate them with maintenance events, assign them to be executed, and manage their completion. Managers are able to monitor assigned task progress with sign-offs or reviews and learn about impending due dates through notification alerts.


Fox maintenance management features prevent conflicts in scheduling and optimize resource time. Maintenance events are integrated with training so it can be executed with ease and maximum efficiency. Specific maintenance management benefits achieved from Fox include:

  • Maintenance that is streamlined with training leading to more efficient processes in the areas of scheduling, maintenance operations, notifications, and availability status for a comprehensive training management solution.
  • Up-to-date content that is continually available and accessible for cross-purposes through a one-stop-shop of documentation management that contains manuals, procedures, learning collateral (including video) and much more.
  • A seamless workflow process by allowing users to define tasks, assign owners and executors, document activity steps, and monitor progress. This includes improved preparation processes by automating and standardizing the workflow associated with managing maintenance tasks.
  • Careful maintenance progress monitoring as tasks progress and are completed. Tasks nearing their due date will trigger notifications, assuring they are not overlooked. This includes scheduling process monitoring that avoids resource conflicts and makes best use of idle time by providing managers with intuitive tools to monitor schedule development, approval processes, and training rollouts. Schedule consolidation avoids the need to manage distributed schedules using various systems, simplifying organizational processes and preventing errors.