Risk Management

Risk Management

Improving Risk Prevention & Safety Management

Many training organizations train with safety as the overarching precept. Safety influences training and training impacts safety. Combining safety and training within a single system, Fox streamlines crucial processes and improves synergies between safety events and training. Fox's safety management capabilities includes incident/accident reporting, notifications and tracking; investigation and remedial action initiation; conclusion and lesson learned implementation monitoring; and safety statistic reporting and analysis. In Fox, hazard risks or safety incidents can be reported to the relevant parties (based on roles and permissions) enabling them to take action or to mitigate any possible consequences. Fox's dashboards provide an in-depth analysis of safety issues and risks. Managers have visibility of what's happening at the moment, and the ability to prioritize by relevant categories and levels of risk. Fox's task management capabilities enable the delegation of actions to be carried out based on any safety analysis results. In making procedural changes to prevent risks, Fox supports employee conduct change associated with the implementation of an updated/amended procedure, by requiring employees to read, sign, and assimilate a new behavior.


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Fox's safety management tools include the ability to:

  • Establish formalized procedures to oversee the complete cycle of safety management covering the management, notification, investigation and reporting of incidents and accidents. Fox also manages the processes to improve safety, including implementing remedial action procedures, assimilating relevant lessons learned, and providing safety statistic reporting and analysis.
  • Report, track and manage safety incidents and accidents with a dedicated form managed by authorized users. Safety reports can be associated with training or used on an ad hoc basis. These forms enable the systemized collection of safety-related data and the ability to analyze and report on this data.
  • Include a safety section to a performance evaluation form to drive organizational safety improvement through measuring and evaluating competencies in this area. Fox enables the analysis of safety performance results within a standardized evaluation process that includes safety gaps, weaknesses, and training error trends.
  • Oversee safety activities from a dashboard that presents all safety-related information to the safety office or other designated parties. Fox provides visibility and situational awareness needed including the statuses of new/updated safety procedures for total safety monitoring.
  • Manage all safety-related content and files using the system's extensive use-defined repository library. Users can upload, tag, categorize and retrieve content such as investigation reports, presentations, regulations, videos, reusable safety training content, and other documents for sharing and global use.
  • Manage tasks associated with implementing remedial actions or lessons learned after an incident. Managers define tasks or new formalized procedures, associate them with reports, assign their execution to individuals, and oversee their completion or adoption with sign-offs or reviews. Fox can broadcast news of safety incidents as well as remedial task issues, events, and progress (with impending due dates) through notification alerts.
  • Assure that employees implement new procedures and processes through Fox's built-in tools that disseminate documents or customized reports that contain an employee confirmation process that has employees read, sign, and adopt a new behavior.


Fox safety management tools put procedures and processes in place to prevent risk and improve safety. Specific benefits include:

  • Naturally and comprehensively integrated safety training through streamlining crucial processes and improving synergies between safety events and training. Systemized and simplified safety data collection and analysis assures that nothing will fall through the cracks.
  • Improved safety practices through the analysis of system-identified performance results within a standardized evaluation process that shows gaps, weaknesses, and training error trends.
  • Employee compliance and risk prevention assurance through documentation practices that require that employees read, sign, and modify or adopt a new behavior within an organization.
  • Access to up-to-date globally-maintained safety and training learning content in Fox's repository such as manuals, procedures and learning collateral (including video) continually available and accessible for cross-purposes using the system's extensive use-defined repository library.
  • Total safety monitoring through a dashboard that presents all safety-related information, providing the necessary visibility and situational awareness for complete safety management assurance.
  • Ability to respond swiftly to safety incidents and manage safety-related tasks through timely and reliable system notification alerts and emails.