Defense Force Training Management

Defense Force Training Management

Optimize Defense Force Training, Ensure Readiness

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Fox significantly supports the ability to produce military personnel who are well-trained and relentlessly prepared for combat. The modular, scalable, Fox, helps forces do better with less, while ensuring that training is relevant, effective and efficient. It enables defense forces to optimize demanding and costly training operations and ensure individual preparedness and unit readiness.

A multi-echelon solution, Fox inclusively supports all roles relevant to training management, such as instructors, ISDs, schedulers, commanders, and trainees within combat units as well as troop schoolhouses and training centers. Fox helps with the entire lifecycle of readiness training program management, enabling accurate assessment of training needs, training program design, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring. It easily manages complicated military scheduling scenarios, synchronizing physical equipment and multiple locations with instructors and trainees. And its flexible and robust qualification management solution helps maintains personnel currency while providing commanders with critical insights for continual proficiency and safety improvement.

Training Management

Improving Training Program Efficiency and Effectiveness

A powerful solution for schoolhouses, combat units, flight schools and training operations, Fox increases throughput by tremendously improving training program efficiency and effectiveness. The solution optimizes planning and scheduling processes, improves training achievements, increases throughput, enhances resource utilization, and eliminates inefficiencies in training delivery.

Training Planning & Request Management

With Fox, commanders can plan ahead by simulating scheduling and resource allocation scenarios and automatically constructing alternative training plans for a continuous conflict-free workflow. A robust planning system, Fox enables to generate long- and short-term training plans based on "what if" simulations, alternative and budget analysis, bottleneck forecasting, and workload balancing.

The management of training requests is simplified through flexible user-defined data intake for easy input of training and resource demands. Portal views give a complete picture of the training needs against all available resources in order to plan and schedule training.

Scheduling Management

Fox's powerful scheduling capabilities can adapt to the most challenging and complex types of scenarios such as unplanned simulator and aircraft maintenance, weather changes, curriculum adjustments and unexpected training and operational requests that immediately influence intended training and operational plans.

Fox enables easy management of complicated military scheduling scenarios, synchronizing physical equipment and space resources at multiple locations with instructors and trainees. The system manages the use and maintenance of all type of resources with the goal of improving training effectiveness and maximizing resource utilization and allocation. Complete computer portal landscape views of organization-wide resource utilization empowers commanders with insight and control for continuous program performance improvement.


Course Management

Through Fox, commanders can monitor, analyze and manage the progress of both individuals and training events. Its comprehensive tools help to administer and oversee both self-paced and instructor-led course registration and delivery processes. Commanding rank desktop portal views of grade scores, course trends, resource statuses and trainee achievements enable insight for real-time decision making. This information can be the basis for increasing training throughput, making course improvements, determining corrective training tactics, and developing new courses.

Continuous Performance Improvement

Repetitive rigorous training, combined with performance management, including weakness and strength analysis, provide troops with the knowledge and skills necessary for mission execution. Fox is designed to continuously enhance performance by tracking and maintaining individual and group performance achievement data and transforming it into valuable training progress information. The system, which works on tablets and mobile devices, effectively captures and evaluates indoor and outdoor training, simulations and performance executions.

Using embedded metrics, Fox aligns commander-defined objectives and key capabilities with individual and unit performance assessment criteria. It offers automatic recommendations for evaluators while supporting the development of objective-based assessments, evaluation plans, multi-dimensional analysis (activity, series, skills), and peer assessment.

Training Program Quality & Relevancy Management

Fox is configured for continuous validation of complete training program quality and relevancy. It helps commanders gain a complete picture of training program quality through the ongoing analysis a program's defined roles, capabilities, objectives and measures, training methods and activities, performance results, and trainee experience feedback. Collected data is automatically analyzed and presented in graph format to determine the effectiveness of the entire program and to indicate precisely where improvements are needed. With this information commanding ranks can transform results to action items and lessons learned.

Staff Management

Fox is the complete solution for the management of staff qualifications and certifications. It supports instructors in preparing training content, materials and evaluations for all activities including classroom teaching, platform instruction, hands-on training, distance learning lessons, and field exercises.

Trainee Management

Fox contains built-in functionality to define personal qualification and certification programs, identifying by individual need, the group, individual self-paced and recurring training necessary to complete a certification requirement. Fox captures and consolidates all trainee performance data and records and uses it as an essential element in training program quality and relevancy analysis.

Readiness Management

Ensuring Mission Readiness

Fox is a complete solution to ensure ongoing force preparedness. Fox presents leaders with a clear, integrated situational view of mission readiness, highlighting critical gaps in capabilities and resources and providing the necessary tools to properly staff, train and equip forces. With cutting-edge tools, Fox establishes competency standards for individuals, crews and teams, determines proficiency measures, and manages overall readiness conditions. Main features include a readiness and competency infrastructure engine, centralized individual competency and readiness data maintenance, and unit readiness monitoring and analysis.

Total Capability and Proficiency Management

The system provides a complete solution for the management of operational capabilities and proficiencies. The readiness engine manages all aspects of individual and unit readiness through the definition and measurement of readiness criteria, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and ongoing organizational readiness plans.

Commanders can break down and define all positions by professional capabilities to standardize mission, training and evaluation requirements and measure them in relation to specific requirements and objectives. The solution also provides a central repository of individual competency and readiness data in a single personal folder for their duration of service.


Individual and Unit Readiness and Situational Awareness

Fox's readiness management solution supplies commanders with continuously updated operational situation information that is aligned with the qualifications and readiness of individual soldiers and units. Commanders benefit from specific readiness management tools such as unit status monitoring; strength, weakness and gap identification; unit operational capability analysis; and unit training and qualification management capabilities.

Fox's Preparedness Dashboard provides strategic management view of situational readiness. This dashboard clearly and concisely displays tangible readiness status information so that critical qualification and competency gaps are identified and addressed immediately.

Unit Training Planning and Execution

Through Fox, commanders can define continuous training programs that tie individual and unit level competencies to defined mission requirements and objectives. The solution allows users to define a wide variety certification and qualification programs as well as remedial and recurring training to ensure efficient and effective training planning and execution.

Performance Enhancement

Easy-to-use tools allow users to quickly investigate and evaluate the performance of soldiers in operational or simulated training frameworks, and access critical readiness data pointing to weak operational factors. Commanders can employ lessons learned, insights and relevant theoretical information to maximize training processes as they relate to defined operational capabilities and objectives.

The solution provides a set of briefing and debriefing tools to ensure ongoing preparedness for training and operational events that include mission preparation capabilities, the automated retrieval of mission related content, and documented performance procedures and best practices.


Learning Management

Gaining the Knowledge Needed for Mission Preparedness

Fox helps forces to best deliver programs that meet readiness objectives. It seamlessly supports integrative learning, enabling the design and refinement of training programs while driving continual improvement through individual and unit performance measurement. These evaluations along with individual and group achievement monitoring enable training command to close gaps, change focus and contend with exceptions.

Content Management, Generation and Delivery

Fox helps deliver courseware using a variety of instructional methods including instructor-led classroom training, self-paced computer-based training (CBT), simulator-based learning, field training, virtual classes, and more. Content such as lesson plans and handouts as well as required evaluation and feedback forms can be tied with each training activity through Fox.

For e-learning, the Fox web-based LMS enables instructors to rapidly build, deliver and reuse learning content to meet training objectives. Regardless of the authoring tool, instructional designers can quickly upload various content elements and wrap them as one courseware, defining the sequence and navigation settings as well as integrating quizzes and tests. The system also provides subject-matter experts with a simple web-based interface through which they can contribute valuable content such as best practices and lessons learned.

Fox's resource library enables the sharing of SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant learning materials, digital media assets, templates, question pools, and other reusable content. All content can be tagged for searches using a rich and extensible metadata model.

Knowledge Assessment

Fox enables the easy development and analysis of knowledge exams using numerous test configuration options via user-friendly templates. It facilitates knowledge assessment and grading using both multiple methodology scales and descriptive textual remarks.

Fox provides instructors and evaluators with a self-correcting quality assurance mechanism for trainees. The system identifies activities with low individual and group results, enabling managers to make modifications for improvement. Commanders and instructors can place individuals on special tracking, define remedial learning and retesting pathways, link testing to required skills and activities, and analyze measurements.



Personalized Portals

With Fox, commanders, staff, ISDs, instructors, soldiers, and trainees stay on task with their own intuitive and personalized portal. This portal provides users with the ability to easily access their schedule, training materials and online tasks as well as review their test results and performance progress.

Curriculum Management

Fox powerfully helps curriculum developers create courses that deliver the knowledge needed for each individual to successfully execute their role. The system flexibly captures hierarchical job data such as tasks, subtasks, skills and objectives. This job data is easily transformed into the basis of the curriculum and training events.

The system is designed for easy modification and maintenance, including initial and ongoing validation as well as approval and version management. Fox allows curriculum developers to generate a complete curriculum including study programs, training objectives, and lesson plans that utilize and test with job task and qualification criteria.

Training developers can set up each entity with its own respective definitions to include a multilevel hierarchic curriculum and training activities of any type. Properties such as duration and grading criteria are associated with each subject and activity as well as learning objectives. Trainers can easily maintain and manage curricula and apply revision control and approval processes as needed.