Driving Improvement through Performance Measurement

Mobile Dashboards

Program Oversight & Control From Anywhere

With mobile dashboards, Fox enables total training program oversight and control for managers and instructors from any location. Managers can use their iPads, tablets or any other web-enabled device to access their personalized portal views that monitor relevant individual and group achievement progress. They facilitate better training program management and decision making regarding planning, personnel, and resource allocation. They also present real-time situational readiness data for individuals, teams and units, enabling managers to detect individual and systemic strengths and weaknesses.


Mobile dashboards 2



Fox improves managerial control through personalized dashboards, which are accessible from any web-enabled mobile device. Features of Fox's mobile managerial dashboards include the ability to perform the following functions:

  • View customized role-based data on mobile devices. Tailored, personalized dashboard data presented in charts and graphs support the management needs of differing leadership roles (such as instructors, management, maintenance, and sales).
  • Access online situational awareness reports in charted dashboard views from any device, these include personal achievements, training progress, certification status, and any other pertinent information and data tracked within the system.
  • Receive role-based notifications on resource issues, schedule changes and more, enabling complete program awareness.
  • Supervise and analyze trainee achievement from any web-accessible location. Fox allows authorized users to view trainee records. Fox's miscellaneous chart views and integrated reports allow managers to focus on key components in the assessment form (e.g. users, groups, units, subjects). In addition, the system allows users to generate tailored analysis forms using the Form Generator tool. This capability is essential because various users utilize versatile analysis types.
  • Monitor training preparation, execution and results via online dashboards to ensure that training implementation is advancing at the required rate and level of proficiency. Users can monitor training preparation progress such as classroom setup, laptop configurations, content development, material printing. Graphs and easy-to-read indicators show training in action and any deviation from the schedule or required standard.
  • Oversee trainee records from mobile devices by saving and storing all personal achievement data in the trainee personal record module. Each trainee personal record is maintained for the long-term, so that any data Fox captures at any time accumulates and is kept for as long as required.


Fox's mobile managerial dashboards facilitate better control and decision making from any location. Customized portals for mobile devices display operational training activities and performance and assessment results for individuals, teams and units. Specific benefits of this module include:

  • Up-to-date managerial reports and notifications that go where you go. Eliminates managerial surprises; enables around the clock total managerial oversight.
  • Real-time situational awareness to support ongoing commander and supervisor decision-making. Leadership can stay informed and in control with the latest training data and information literally right in their hands on their mobile device.