Curriculum Management

Curriculum Management

Developing & Managing Curriculum & Training Materials

Fox accelerates time to competence and increases learning effectiveness through an unparalleled Curriculum Management module that facilitates the development and ongoing management of course curriculum. Fox enables training developers to build curricula in the structure that exactly meets their needs.


Fox Training Management System: Curriculum Management Screenshot



Features of the Curriculum Management module include the ability to:

  • Define course activities to match training needs as a natural continuation of the TNA process. Curriculum can be developed to fit task-specific training needs defined in the TNA process, enabling training developers to associate TNA records such as tasks, skills and objectives with each training activity of the curriculum.
  • Structure course flow and prerequisites and resource requirements for each training activity. Training developers can also set other parameters such as duration, number of participants, and evaluation method.
  • Develop and reuse curricula templates to be duplicated for creating new, but similar curriculum. This saves time when developing a new course.
  • Develop and reuse schedule templates that place the training activities in sequence on calendar. When opening a new course, the system will use the template schedule to map out the course within a calendar, applying any current constraints in availability such as holidays and working hours.
  • Manage curriculum versions as required by the governing regulatory agency as well as implement approval processes with multiple levels of approval.


The Fox curriculum management module enables rapid, precise, and efficient development objective-based training courses. Using the curriculum management module, Fox offers the following benefits:

  • Easily customizable curriculum, structured to meet organizational requirements. Fox enables the management of a variety of curricula even if their structure differs from one another.
  • Standardizing, time-saving templates allowing training developers to reuse as well as standardize existing curriculum when building new curriculum.
  • Easy to maintain curricula with an easy, efficient and intuitive version management process that enables training developers to easily identify changes and obtain approvals.