Corporate Training Management

Corporate Training Management

Improve Corporate Employee Performance & Proficiency,
Quickly Adopt New Practices

Corporate Training Management Skyscraper imageAs job responsibilities shift and policies change, large and regulated corporations are challenged with the never-ending need to update employee skills and work practices. The comprehensive, cross-enterprise Fox training management solution helps foster the attributes needed to sustain and grow corporations through the advancement of employee skill and proficiency. Fox helps employees quickly assimilate knowledge and embrace new practices for continuous corporate performance enhancement. It also enables managers to improve training management efficiency and effectiveness, streamlining scheduling, course management, content delivery and evaluation processes.

Proficiency Management

A Powerful Engine for On-the-Job Competency Programs

Fox is a complete engine behind continuing on-the-job proficiency and preparedness programs. It enables corporations to expand upon the concepts delivered in initial job training, stay in compliance, and maintain job and organizational aptitude.

Individual and Group Readiness Maintenance

Fox comprehensively and powerfully enables corporations to manage the entire lifecycle of employee readiness and preparedness programs. It uniquely manages training, corporate and HR changes by automatically delivering the up-to-date learning item to each employee immediately upon release or as required.

Unlike any other training management system, Fox "pushes" relevant, mandatory and prescribed learning activities to each employee based on their management-defined role (as opposed to employee-elected training) or corporate-wide mandate. 


A Complete Proficiency Management Solution

Fox provides a complete proficiency management solution for employee competency management across the organization. The solution enables organizations to accurately identify and close employee skill gaps, develop employee strengths and new competencies, and cut time and money invested in non-strategic training practices.


Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

Fox ensures compliance by corporations that are highly monitored by governing bodies. It helps build education programs, monitor progress, and extract reports to deliver to regulatory agencies. It thoroughly manages the assimilation of corporate directives as well as local, state, and federal level regulations on topics such as sexual harassment, safety, ethics, conduct, privacy, and security. It enables corporations to develop a full curriculum including study programs, training objectives, and lesson plans that utilize and test with corporate and regulatory-prescribed content.

Fox helps build customized reporting documents for regulatory and corporate certifications. It maintains employee personal records, which includes accurate electronic test and performance result information. Fox tracks qualification expirations and manages changes in regulatory rules and procedures. This ensures that personnel follow the regulations of their respective supervisory authority and are certified to perform their jobs.


Managerial Oversight

Training managers can achieve total oversight of proficiency and readiness in Fox through managerial dashboards and powerful reporting tools, as well as mechanisms for obtaining and synthesizing internal and customer feedback. Individual and team progress and goals are always closely managed, as management can continually see displayed in color-coded graphic charts on their desktop, the status of training, achievements and readiness.

Training Management

Managing Training Administration & Logistics

A comprehensive solution, Fox helps HR or training departments, as well as corporate academies or campuses, more efficiently manage training administration and logistics.

Resource and Scheduling Management

Fox helps corporate training departments manage learning scheduling and resource allocation to ensure that training programs are executed with maximum efficiency. Fox easily synchronizes physical equipment and teaching space with human instructor availability. It adeptly manages the scheduling and resources of any type of training including courses, exercises, integrated training and refresher instruction.

Its automated and intuitive smart tools save companies considerable time and expense compared to cumbersome manual efforts. Innovative automated features include the ability to invite both instructors and students to participate in courses. The system's flexibility enables the coordination of cross-organizational activities, even if distributed among corporate affiliates across the globe.


Training Forecasting and Strategic Planning

Fox helps corporate training divisions perform training needs analysis and improve training forecasting. By requesting internal and external customers to submit their tentative requests for an upcoming period/year, Fox helps corporations forecast training, predict resource requirements and improve strategic planning.

It also enables the creation of periodical training plans based on resource availability. Its forecasting tools simulate training scenarios, for long and short-term training plans, alternative and budget analysis, bottleneck forecasting, and workload balancing.


Course Launch Preparation

Fox improves for corporate training departments, the workflow preparation processes associated with launching and refining courses by automating and standardizing task management

Fox contains a standardized and automated request management process that manages training requests of all types including both internal and external customers. It saves time and improves efficiency as it manages the workflow for each request including manager approvals, resource availabilities, and customer payment settlement.

It also systemizes project management for the course launch by allowing managers to define tasks, associate them with training events, assign them to be executed by personnel based upon their responsibilities, then track and manage their completion. Managers are able to monitor assigned task progress and learn about impending due dates through notification alerts.

Also through Fox, corporations can offer a training product catalog that is accessible to all users and is based on the various offerings grown out of training requests.

Managerial Control

Through Fox's managerial dashboards, corporations can monitor training program assimilation and compliance with total oversight. From one location, managers can administer every aspect of training through analytical dashboard portal views that graphically present insightful data, alert and report on training needs against all available resources, and enable program control and decision-making. 

Learning & Course Mgmt.

Assimilating Role-Based Knowledge and Company Procedures

Fox helps managers and instructors with the development, delivery and measurement of ongoing employee training. Fox also enables complete course management to assure that training is advancing at the required rate and level of proficiency.

Learning Management

Fox helps organizations with ongoing training and communication to employees, ensuring their compliance with constantly added new information and procedures. Its state-of-the-art LMS manages the design and delivery of standard and SCORM-based courseware, tests, documents, and tutorials with movies and audio for elearning. It provides access to documents, learning content, procedures, management directives, and corporate-wide policies. Fox also builds customized reports and manages instances where employees must read, sign, and adopt a new behavior within an organization.

Knowledge Assessment

Fox enables the easy development and analysis of knowledge exams using numerous test configuration options via user-friendly templates. It facilitates knowledge assessment and grading using both multiple methodology scales and descriptive textual remarks. Fox provides a self-correcting quality assurance mechanism for remedial employee learners. The system identifies activities with low individual and group results, enabling managers to make modifications for improvement.

Personalized Learner Portals

With Fox, employees stay on task with their own intuitive and personalized portal. This portal provides users with the ability to easily access their schedule, training materials and online tasks as well as review their test results and performance progress.

Course Management

Fox allows for complete course management of curriculum, employee progress and evaluations, records, graduation, feedback and surveys. Managers can monitor training progress through managerial dashboards to ensure that training is advancing at the required rate and level of proficiency. Graphs and easy-to-read indicators show training progress and any deviation from the schedule or required standard. Individual and group achievement monitoring enable trainers to close gaps, change direction and contend with exceptions.