Analytics for Fine-Tuning Operations through Data Insight


Business Intelligence & KPI Reporting through Data Insight

Fox exposes insights from its vast stores of data to enable a greater understanding of training operations. Using customized dashboards and a powerful report generator, users can easily analyze data to fine-tune operations, keep abreast of trends, mitigate problems, and leverage success.


Fox Training Management System Screenshot: Analytics is Business Intelligence & KPI Reporting through Data Insight



Features of Fox's Analytics module include the ability to perform the following functions:

  • Utilize predefined "data worlds" (views) that are ready for analysis. Fox's data warehouse provides customers with endless opportunities to fulfill their business intelligence (BI) needs. The Fox data warehouse may be integrated with the organizational data warehouse and used in the creation of customized reports as required
  • Easily and quickly generate various types of graphs, matrix and table reports with Fox's integrated report builder. Fox's powerful report builder is based on Microsoft's intuitive Report Builder 3 and is deployed together with the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Generate key performance indicator (KPI) reports using Fox's built-in KPI building features along with its integrated analytical reporting capabilities. Users can create a great variety of user presentations with KPIs to support the requirements and responsibilities of all users in the organization. These features will indicate abnormal values and deviations from standards.



Fox's Analytics module assembles data reports for a thorough understanding of the challenges and achievements of your training operations. Specific benefits of this module include:

  • Built-in BI support to fulfill all your BI needs with Fox itself and its integrated reporting capabilities.
  • Standard reporting based on Microsoft standard technologies, making report creation and BI processes familiar and easy to implement when using Fox's SQL based data warehouse and report builder.
  • Interoperability between the Fox data warehouse and other organizational data warehouse and reporting tools, allowing organizations to continue using their existing BI tools.